Hearing aid prices

Hearing aid price and performance table

*Every pair of hearing aids includes our  6-Year Service Guarantee .

*Every pair of hearing aids includes our 6-Year Service Guarantee.

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One of the biggest problems with “budget” hearing aids is people find them uncomfortable to wear. This can be for a range of reasons, such as how well they physically fit, but often it’s because the sound processing technology just doesn’t work very well. People being fitted and then not wearing their hearing aids is a widely known issue and is commonly referred to as, “hearing aids in-the-drawer”.

This outcome is still very possible for some of the cheaper hearing aids you will come across. That’s because they often contain older technology that doesn’t work so well outside of a one-to-one conversation. We don’t recommend hearing aids that are likely to end up in your sock drawer.


Value range

The Value range features world leading hearing aid technology that is affordable. This range does not sacrifice every day performance for an entry level price. In one-to-one listening scenarios this range is every bit as good as the most expensive hearing aids.

  1. 16 channels / 8 handles

  2. Feedback cancellation with complete suppression of annoying whistling.

  3. Adjusts automatically to your preferred amplification.

  4. Isolates the target speaker from unwanted background noise and speech.

  5. iPhone and Android apps for remote control of basic hearing aid functions.

  6. Remote support and assistance from your audiologist.


Essential range

Our Essential range of hearing aids has all the features of the Value range and adds noise suppression and comfort features that improve performance in small groups and discussions with limited background noise.

  1. 16 channels / 8 handles.

  2. Instantly detects and suppresses sudden unpleasant noises.

  3. Wearing comfort in windy situations.

  4. Therapy signals for relief from tinnitus.

  5. Noise management enhances speech while reducing unwanted background noise.


Advanced range

The Advanced range of hearing aids provides all the technology of Value and Essential, but with increased processing power, connectivity features, and good performance in more demanding listening situations.

  1. 24 channels / 12 handles.

  2. Recognises the wearers voice to deliver a natural own voice sound.

  3. Extended dynamic range improves sound quality in loud environments.

  4. Enhanced music listening.

  5. Advanced tinnitus relief without adding masking sounds.

  6. Direct connectivity to iPhone for music streaming and phone calls.


Superior range

Our Superior range of hearing aids features all of the technology and benefits of Value, Essential and Advanced, but with even greater processing power, exceptional performance in noisy environments, and the ability fine tune and manually control some impressive hearing aid features.

  1. 32 channels / 16 handles.

  2. Automatically detects and focuses on speech from the back or font of the wearer.

  3. Fine tuning of 3 listening classification systems.

  4. Manual control option for wearing comfort in windy situations.


Premier range

The premier range of hearing aids provides unrivalled power, control, customisation and the ultimate performance in the most demanding listening situations. With advanced features and technology the Premier range is for socially active people who often converse in noisy environments, and require the highest level of connectivity and customisation.

  1. 48 channels / 20 handles.

  2. Precision isolation system for the target speaker.

  3. Premium music for an outstanding live music listening experience.

  4. Spatial focus on speech from any direction.

  5. Premium sound equaliser with extended fine tuning of up to 6 listening classification systems.


What makes a hearing aid good value?

We’ll give you that good value feeling.

We’ll give you that good value feeling.

Like most Kiwis, we’re keen on a fair go for all. We think everyone who needs hearing aids should have the support and funding to access them.

We’re upfront about our pricing and what’s included with the investment you make in your hearing health.

We have absolutely no hidden fees and no extra costs. We want to provide you with the best value hearing aids in New Zealand. That not only means keeping prices low, it means providing you with the best service and support for the life of your hearing aids.

The quality and quantity of support you receive after you buy your hearing aids can be just as important as the hearing aids themselves. That’s why you will receive a 6-year service guarantee with any pair of hearing aids purchased at Ear Health Hearing.

Thankfully, the price of quality hearing aids that work admirably in most listening situations has come down significantly in the last few years. This is largely due to new technology from flagship models trickling down into less expensive options.

However, don’t be misled by attempts by some providers to appear to be the cheapest. There are still plenty of lesser quality hearing aids out there that are cheap, but as the saying does, you get what you pay for.

Sometimes hearing aid retailers even quote or advertise a lower price and then charge you additional fees for things that should be included.

When comparing Ear Health Hearing with another provider please ensure you understand what support and services are included or not included with the purchase of your hearing aids.

For example, the price of a hearing aid may or may not include a full range of services like a free ear wax removal or a full diagnostic hearing test once a year for 6 years. Over the life of your hearing aids, this can save you up to $3,420.

Now that is good value. Don’t take our word for it, get your hearing aid quote today.


3 reasons why it can be difficult to compare hearing aids and their prices

Examine things very closely when comparing hearing aids and their prices.

Examine things very closely when comparing hearing aids and their prices.

In our opinion there are three connected issues that contribute to the lack of information about hearing aid pricing in NZ:

  1. Transparency on behalf of the hearing aid retailer.

  2. Self-regulatory policies that inhibit transparency.

  3. The common practice of ‘bundled pricing’.

Below we discuss each of these issues in more detail.

1. Transparency on behalf of the hearing aid retailer

For well established national hearing aid retailers, it suits them just fine not to provide hearing aid pricing until you are talking to them in their shop. When the majority of the discussion about pricing happens behind closed doors the common result is limited overall transparency and a reduction in the ability to easily compare and research prices.

2. Self-regulatory policies that can alter public discussion about hearing aid pricing

In New Zealand audiologists are not allowed to advertise or promote specific hearing aid brands or models. That’s why you can find prices on eBay, Amazon, and even on Australian based hearing aid websites, but not in NZ.

This policy is a double edged sword. On the one hand it insulates audiologists from being associated with potentially biased hearing aid manufacturer advertising. On the other hand it obstructs public discussion and comparison of hearing aid brands, models and consequently pricing.

3. The common practice of ‘bundled pricing’

Another fork in the road for easily understanding what you get for your money is knowing what services, warranties and guarantees are included with the price of your hearing aids.

The industry norm is to bundle pricing. What that means is all of the services you require to have your hearing aids fitted, fine tuned, and kept in working order over time are often included in the price.

The level of detail with which those services, warranties and guarantees are described can vary from one hearing aid clinic to the next. So be sure you understand exactly what is included and for how long (usually a number of years).

Some clinics may also include additional or bonus services such as ear wax removal, yearly hearing tests and replacement hearing aid moulds. If these services are included read the fine print, particularity how often the service will be provided and for how many years after purchase.

The hearing aid warranty backed by the manufacturer, but managed by the retailer or clinic are fairly consistent across most brands, but make sure you understand the duration of the warranty, what kind of damage or malfunction is covered under the warranty, and the steps involved in the case of a warranty claim. Also be wary of any warranty not backed by the manufacturer.


How can you increase your chances of being satisfied with your hearing aid purchase?

Ask plenty of questions and be more satisfied with your hearing aids.

Ask plenty of questions and be more satisfied with your hearing aids.

Most importantly get a detailed quote from two or more hearing aid clinics. If you’re not satisfied with the level of detail, ask plenty of questions.

We all make assumptions from time to time, but when you’re dealing with your long-term hearing health, it’s best to be as inquisitive as possible.

There’s no such thing as a silly question when it comes to your hearing health and hearing aid budget.

Also consider asking the larger hearing aid retailers for disclosure about which manufacturer they are owned by and the brands of hearing aids they sell. This will ensure you are not asking for a quote on a brand they don’t normally deal with.

Although a hearing clinic or retailer may have access to a wide range of hearing aid brands, a majority focus on one or two brands that they will fit most of the time.

Don’t forget, retailers and independent clinics and are businesses too. And like all businesses there are operating costs to consider. Such as the training budget for audiologists and staff to effectively and efficiently fit and support a certain number of hearing aid brands.

The six largest hearing aid manufacturers invest heavily in research and development (R&D). A consequence of sustained R&D is constantly evolving technology that takes time and money to keep up-to-date with. For example, every manufacturer has product updates and new additions to their portfolios every year and their own proprietary fitting software for audiologists to keep pace with.

HELPFUL HINT: Go to the hearing aid brand’s NZ website (e.g. Phonak, Signia, Oticon etc.) and they will often have a directory of retailers and independent clinics that supply their hearing aid brands.