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Live a life of sound


Hearing brings us joy and connection to our world. A soothing familiar voice,  listening to the rush of water down a stream, or reacting to a warning signal are all sounds we sometimes take for granted. What if you were to lose part of your ability to be completely aware of your immediate environment? We think you will agree, your hearing is certainly worth preserving.

Good hearing keeps life fulfilling. When we have good hearing we thrive on listening and talking with others. Sounds and conversation get our brains firing, as we are engaged to think, react and respond. Now imagine those same sounds are starting to get muffled, or some even disappearing altogether. As the sound stimulus to your brain changes, so too does your brain. Recent research has shown the brain can “forget” how to hear. So it’s vitally important to keep it stimulated with sound.

One of the most challenging aspects of hearing health is it’s generally not with us one day, and then gone the next. The leisurely pace at which most people’s hearing deteriorates genuinely makes it difficult to fully appreciate. Compounded by the fact hearing loss can start in the womb and may not cease until we do. Preserving your hearing health truly is a lifelong commitment.

People often respond to their hearing loss by reducing contact with others where hearing conversation is more challenging. For example meeting with friends or family at a busy coffee shop. Isolation from the people we care about is a risk factor for various mental and physical illness.

But all is not lost! Being proactive is simple and pretty easy. We recommend having your hearing tested once a year. Yes it’s sometimes handy not to hear all the things your family and friends talk about, but try to focus on the good stuff! The hum of cicadas in summer, your kids telling you about their day: You get the idea. And last but certainly not least, we’ve got a beautiful country to explore, and it would be a shame to not hear every bit of that too.


Hearing is



Ignite your youthful spark

As your age increases, your quality and enjoyment of life need not decrease. All you need is a little luck and to establish some preventative measures.

Sure, it takes a bit of effort, and that’s partly because living to an advanced age is a relatively recent achievement.

The average human life span gained more years during the 20th and 21st century than in all prior millennia combined. In many ways we’re still becoming used to getting “old”.

There are many ways to lose touch with our youth, both physically and philosophically. The good news is with your hearing it doesn’t have to be that way. That is, if you decide to do something about it.


What change will you make?

Having the spark and drive to be a positive force can make all the difference to initiate  change in our lives. It’s easier said than done, but we can always try, right?

Ask yourself, “In what other moment am I going to be as young or find more happiness and success than where I reside right now?”

If there was a way to improve your health and lifestyle would you do it today? Sometimes we fall into the trap of finding excuses, waiting for occasions, or holding out for something “better”. But why not change your life for the better now, and free yourself from regret? 

Giving yourself the freedom to improve your hearing is not often an impulsive decision, it is more likely calculated and completely justified. Keeping an open mind and being honest when reflecting about the condition of your hearing is a positive first step.

So much of our lives are seen through the lens of our views, beliefs, expectations, and desires. Few of us ever experience a true, untainted vision of reality. Try to stay real about your hearing. Don’t let all the things you’ve been told, or the experiences you’ve had, prevent you from letting in new ideas and new ways of doing things. 

This doesn’t mean you have to give up your critical thinking skills, but it does mean you might have to be willing to accept there are other ways to act, live, and think. Perhaps allowing oneself to embrace different possibilities, opportunities, people, views, suggestions and interests is at the very core of keeping our spirits youthful.